Heat N Eat Chhole



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  • Chhole is a popular Punjabi dish with flavoured preparation of Chickpeas. Rentio Heat N Eat Chhole is sure to bring a flavor of Amritsar streets right into your home. It can be served with Bhature, Rice, Kulcha or Paratha.
  • RENTIO Heat N Eat Chhole is ready for consumption without prior preparation or cooking. Just Heat, add water if required and your yummy meal is ready to Eat.
  • Empty the contents in a bowl and heat in a microwave for 90 secs or transfer the contents into a sauce pan, heat on a medium flame for 2 mins while stirring. If required, add water and salt as per your taste while boiling. Serve Hot.
  • No Preservatives / No artificial colors or flavours added.
  • 100% vegetarian


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