Heat N Eat Jain Pav Bhaji



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About this Item:

  • Jain Pav Bhaji has a bhaji (curry) made with raw banana or plaintain. Jain pav bhaji is made without potatoes, onions, ginger or garlic.
  • RENTIO – Jain Pav bhaji makes an excellent breakfast, lunch or even dinner. It is a go-to food for any birthday party, kitty party or small gatherings. Try out our instant chatakedaar Bombaiya style jain Pav Bhaji, makkhan maar ke…
  • No Preservatives / No artificial colors or flavours added.
  • RENTIO HEAT N EAT can be ready in just 90 seconds.
  • Empty the contents in a bowl and heat in a microwave for 90 sec or transfer the contents into a sauce pan, heat on a medium flame for 2 mins while stirring. Add water and salt as per your taste while boiling. Serve Hot.


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